Augmented Reality (AR) blends digital elements on top of the real world to create a hybrid experience. Consumer technologies and mobile device innovation have augmented reality content spread across multiple disciplines, ranging from consumer products to enterprise solutions for different industries. Today AR is considered not only an entertainment experience, but a practical and accessible solution to critical business challenges.

302 Interactive uses the latest cutting-edge technology and implementations to create convincing and beautiful, unique experiences. With our in-house team of developers, designers, and artists, we are able to provide our clients with an all-in-one solution for augmented reality mobile applications.

We tailor each augmented reality solutions to unique business and creative needs of a particular project. We help businesses improve customer experience, boost engagement, increase operational efficiency, and develop new ways to solve the emerging problems of tomorrow with our Augmented Reality solutions.

Bring your favorite athlete, celebrity, or even your own custom bobblehead to life with the AR Bobbles app! We developed this app from the ground up for our client Brand XR.


Virtual Reality (VR) is a fully immersive digital environment in which users can interact within. VR stimulates sensory experiences that allow users to feel and see within the digital world. Businesses and organizations utilize VR to create interactive experiences for their customers and employees to capitalize on the many benefits of this median to not only immerse but transport. From professional training to remote assistance VR delivers an innovative way to work and play.

302 interactive builds custom VR games and business solutions for enterprise and agencies that operate in advertising, military simulation, Tele-medicine and other industries.We offer end-to-end enterprise VR production from concept to prototyping to solution development and deployment.

Whether you’re looking for a VR gaming experience or business application we’ll be able to provide high quality products to our clients. We have experience working on a variety of platforms and headsets such as, Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear, HTC Vive, Oculus GO, Oculus Rift, and the Pico Neo and more.

Waxhouse by HollowZone. A multi-sensory virtual reality experience where you travel back in time to “The Autumn of Terror.” Search for clues and solve puzzles to solve the mystery of the Legend of Jack the Ripper! 302 Interactive was a software development vendor on the Wax House Project.


Game development is hard to do on your own, it takes a large variety of skill sets and extensive experience to develop high quality, fun games. 302 Interactive provides game development services to enterprise, small business and start-ups. We help you implement game ideas to entertain and engage customers.

With in-house developers, designers, artists, and musicians we are able to provide end to end design and development for your dream game. We have created games on a variety of platforms such as PC, MAC, Android, and iOS. Our dedicated game development experts work with you from conception, development, deployment, support, and maintenance, from start to finish.

Games are a proven way to leave a lasting impression and 302 Interactive is well equipped to be your game development partner.

The Commission: Organized Crime, developed entirely by 302 Interactive for our client Two-Thirty Am Studios. Play as a Don of a mafia family and fight other families for control over the city of New Shore.


Interactive Installations are the future of retail and public space. Using mobile devices, cameras and touch displays an interactive installation is put in place to engage with customers, capture valuable demographic data and offers a new an interesting way to advertise.

302 Interactive specialists help businesses reinvent their customer engagement strategies with immersive technologies. We create engaging and fun interactive experiences that bring products and brands to a new level. Our design and development experts help companies re-imagine once underutilized real estate to capitalize and see ROI.

Powered by ATL, an Interactive Installation. A motion capture game where you avoid oncoming football sleds. The project was entered into the ATL Thinks! marketing and design innovation program to create the airport of the future. It won first place!