302 Interactive is a full-service development studio crafting creative, interactive experiences and innovative technical solutions.

Virtual/Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality is a digital world in which you can engage and interact, simulating experiences through your senses and perception. Augmented reality blends the digital and real world. We worked with a variety of companies in creating VR/AR content along with developing customized VR solutions.

Research & Development

Research and Development, also known as R&D, is a series of investigative research and development of cutting edge innovative solutions for products and services. Our R&D services can help your business brainstorm, research, design and develop creative solutions which will expand your business.

Game Development

302 Interactive offers a variety of game development services starting from conception to development, maintenance, and support. We can help you create engaging, memorable gaming experiences. Our developers have worked on numerous platforms such as VR, AR, PC, MAC, iOS, and Android.