AR Bobbles

Bring your favorite athlete, celebrity, or your own custom bobblehead to life with the AR Bobbles App!

Using Mobile AR tech we brought to life what is popularly known as a dust collector or paperweight and made it a source for up-to-date news feeds about your favorite teams and players.

Our client BrandXR’s goal was to create a use case for augmented reality in Sports and to utilize bobbleheads as a product visualization tool. AR Bobbles delivers that and more, as now these iconic figures are part of your everyday interactions with your favorite team and a great conversation piece at home or at the office.

AR Bobbles is an augmented reality app we developed for our client, BrandXR. This application utilizes object recognition to recognize bobbleheads and display fun information about them. The app includes player bobbleheads from Basketball, Baseball, and Football sports and is scalable to work with other bobbleheads as well.

We developed the app from the ground up; working on design, development, and art implementation. Our goal was to create a fun way for users to learn about player’s while also displaying the information in an eye-catching and realistic way.

AR Bobbles takes advantage of augmented reality by utilizing its user interface in world space. When targeting a bobblehead, the UI surrounds the bobblehead in the physical environment. The app features, player stats, highlight videos, news, and a gallery section. You can also take recordings and photos and share them on social media!

Take your sports stats to the max with this awesome AR Bobblehead Application!


Check Out The App in Action Below!

Any Bobblehead

Use your favorite bobblehead or even get a custom one made. Any Bobblehead has the ability to be used on our AR Platform Application

Quick & Easy

It takes no time at all to calibrate your bobblehead and get it ready for our AR App.

Augmented Reality

Using our application and your camera on phone/tablet/etc., bring your favorite bobblehead to life with stats and information!

Get in the Game!

Watch your favorite player during their game or celebrity and track the stats in real time!


Each bobblehead can be used in different ways and variations as you see fit for your style!

Calibration & Settings

It’s easy to set up your bobblehead and start tracking stats or watching your favorite celebrity in AR! Our platform is user-friendly and ready for anything!

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AR Bobbles

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