An escape room multisensory VR experience following the Legend of Jack the Ripper!

Merging the virtual world with the physical world, our work with Hollow Zone and Codefirm bridges the gap and set out to solve the unsolved mysteries of Jack the Ripper in a Virtual Reality escape room.

In this 30 minute VR experience, you travel back in time to “The Autumn of Terror” in 1888. A time when Jack The Ripper roamed the streets striking fear in the heart of Whitechapel, London. Solve mysteries and uncover clues of The Wax House and try to solve the mystery that was on everyone’s minds for over a century!

Codefirm approached us with the challenge of working with Hollow Zone to enhance the gameplay experience and optimize their networking back-end.

Wax House is designed for up to four players in a shared physical space, which is 1:1 scale with the virtual exhibit. Designing for VR and networked multiplayer presents a significant technical challenge. Not only did we polish VR interactions, we had to make sure those interactions remained synced for all players. Additionally, we ensured that players could leave and rejoin, all without interrupting the experience or creating a safety hazard for others.

Waxhouse uses the latest virtual reality technology to create a free-roaming multisensory and multi-player experience.


Check Out The Amazing Trailer Below and See What Jack The Ripper Is Really Like!

4 Player Co-op

Enjoy VR like never before with 3 of your friends or take on the experience with 3 random victims for Jack The Ripper!

30-Minute Experience

Replayable, 30-Minute Experience will keep you on your feet, or maybe knock you right off them!

Virtual Reality

Experience Real Life Scenario with enhanced Virtual Reality Gameplay and Functionality


Never stick in one place for too long! Enhanced tracking and visibility allow each player to move freely without collision hazards


One of the key features we were tasked with was drop-in / drop-out coop capabilities.


Each player is calibrated for maximum reality feel and result within the environment

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