executive team


Kyle Morrand

CEO & Technologist

Kyle is a technologist who believes in using interactive technologies to support a happier and healthier future. He is an advocate of Orlando and believes in developing the city to be a “City of Wellness”. On his downtime, he likes to cook, dance, and play Kingdom Hearts for the 100th time.


Robert Torres

Chief Sales Officer

As a co-founder of 302 and head of spontaneity, selling Eskimos ice, and the guy who knows a guy, Bobby leads sales and business development at 302. His passion for building teams, sound strategy and good memories are unmatched. What drives Bobby, well food and a good time.


Eric Peterford

Executive Producer

Eric Peterford enjoys desserts and his favorite game, The Last of Us. He specializes in making people’s lives easier through custom editor tools. Eric is an avid Slack advocate.

Development team

Joseph Hazera

Associate Producer

Joe works with the mindset of balancing the project and the people. Game history from the 80s onwards and entertainment or technological concepts, such as the original vision of EPCOT, are among his personal hobbies. He enjoys retro-games and unusual game products such as the Nintendo 64DD. Some of his current favorite games are the Yakuza series, Battlefield, and Gravity Rush.


Deana Galbraith

Game Designer

Deana has a passion for designing and marketing games. She enjoys watching anime and reading manga. Deana loves to travel, making a point to experience something new every year. Her favorite games are Abzu and Journey.


Zachary Goodless


Zachary has a passion for designing dynamic systems and mechanics. He loves seeing ideas that work separately, but create something unique and interesting in tandem. Zachary will forever be a Touhou fanboy.


Thomas Pring


Thomas is the guy you go to when you need the impossible made reality, servant programmer in many ways. Like a well oil machine, he is fueled by crude cups of black coffee and cans of Redbull. With a skill-set as flexible as Flex Seal itself, he’ll take on any challenge with a solid result. When he’s not prototyping new tech, he’s probably playing Darkest Dungeon or Risk of Rain 2.


Ryan Morales

3D/2D Art Generalist

Ryan literally loves all things “Art” in games, and as our first dedicated artist, he’s responsible for making everything look pretty. If he’s not scheming with Kyle, roasting Eric, or beating Bobby on every game, he’s singing Bad Bunny while he paints. It is safe to note you do not wanna go against “The Only Ryan” in SSBU.