executive team

Kyle Morrand

CEO & Technologist

Kyle is a technologist who believes in using interactive technologies to support a happier and healthier future. He is an advocate of Orlando and believes in developing the city to be a “City of Wellness”. On his downtime, he likes to cook, dance, and play Kingdom Hearts for the 100th time.


Robert Torres

Chief Sales Officer

As a co-founder of 302 and head of spontaneity, selling Eskimos ice, and the guy who knows a guy, Bobby leads sales and business development at 302. His passion for building teams, sound strategy and good memories are unmatched. What drives Bobby, well food and a good time.


Eric Peterford

Executive Producer

Eric Peterford enjoys desserts and his favorite game, The Last of Us. He specializes in making people’s lives easier through custom editor tools. Eric is an avid Slack advocate.

Development team


Joseph Hazera

Associate Producer

Joseph prefers to be called “Joe.” Joe’s favorite game is Yakuza 0. He really enjoys researching the history of strange, troubled projects and designs such as Disney projects, old consoles (n64DD), and everything retro. His favorite food is banana bread but no nuts!!


Deana Galbraith

Game Designer

Deana has a passion for designing and marketing games. She enjoys watching anime and reading manga. Deana loves to travel, making a point to experience something new every year. Her favorite games are Abzu and Journey.


Zachary Goodless


Zachary has a passion for designing dynamic systems and mechanics. He loves seeing ideas that work separately, but create something unique and interesting in tandem. Zachary will forever be a Touhou fanboy.


Wendy Beumel

Interactive Developer

Wendy has been playing video games for most of her life. At 12 years old she discovered games were her passion and made it a goal to work in the games industry. Some of her favorite games are The Sims, Animal Crossing, Pokemon, and just about any rhythm game you can think of. Outside of games, her hobbies include cooking and studying Japanese.

Jacob Galoci


Jacob specializes in video game evangelism, complaining about Destiny and enjoys life with his little family. He works in designing systems, story, and world building along with user experience. Some of his favorite games are Kingdom Hearts 2, Mass Effect 2, and Legend of Dragoon.