07 Jun 2019

The Commission Wins Indie Awards at Indieversary

The IndieAwards is hosted at the annual Indieversary event, hosted by Indienomicon. Indienomicon is an organization that celebrates the culture and creativity of independent games. They host game jams, meetups, pub crawls, and more. Some of their annual events include Indieversary and the IndieAwards. Every year, there are games nominated for various categories. To be nominated, the team and game must have participated in an Indienomicon event, whether it’s demoing a game, presenting a talk, or showcasing it at the events. The category winners are chosen by the Indienomicon community.

We are very excited to share that a game we worked on with 2:30 AM Studios got nominated and won! The Commission won “Best PC/Console Experience” and “Best Full Released Game!” We are very thankful to be part of such an amazing community of passionate developers and game lovers.

We’d like to thank our publisher, 2:30 AM Studios, for believing in us and giving us the opportunity to work on The Commission! We’d also like to thank the game’s community of players for being supportive and very helpful in giving us feedback to help make the game better and better!
If you haven’t played it yet, The Commission: Organized Crime is available on Steam for PC and MAC. In The Commission, you play as a Don of a mafia family and fight other families for control over the fictional city of New Shore. Stake your claim on the city of New Shore in this gritty simulation of 1930’s organized crime. As the Don, get involved with the rackets and politics that defined the Prohibition era. Claim your place among mafia history. How will you rule New Shore?

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