Squire! Coming soon
08 Apr 2020

Squire! Beta Coming Soon

Squire! is a 2D card dungeon mobile strategy game. In a fantasy setting, the player takes on the role of a Hero’s Squire and is tasked with managing the quick-changing field of weapons and items to protect the Hero. Players can also keep the Hero equipped to take down a variety of monsters. The Hero himself isn’t getting all of the action, as the Squire is also able to battle by defeating the Boss’s minions.




What’s in the Beta?

The beta is going to have two levels: a Troll level and a Vampire level. Each Boss has their respective Assault cards and Minions that you have to deal with. The Assault cards represent the Boss’s attacks towards the Hero and Squire.

The player has to fend off minions and dodge assaults from the boss themselves. You have to help the hero avoid fallen trees and clubs from the Troll while defending or attacking minions like spiders. In the Vampire level, you have to avoid fangs while defending against bats or drudges.

In terms of what items the player can collect to assist the hero, there are a variety of weapons and items such as an axe, a couple of shields, potions, swords, and more.

Executive Producer, Eric Peterford, shares,

“We are introducing two bosses for this initial beta release that should give players an idea of the kind of variability a boss battle can consist of. The player will need to adapt to a different playstyle against the Vampire then what might have been successful against the Troll. And those boss-specific learning curves really excite us.”

Coming Soon

Squire! development is aiming for both iOS and Android platforms in the next few days. The game is targeted towards casual audiences that appreciate a good dose of strategy.


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