10 Mar 2016

Announcing Our New Game: Squire!

302 Interactive is excited to announce our new upcoming game, Squire!. Set to release late Summer 2019, Squire! is currently in development for iOS and Android platforms. The game is inspired by the mobile game, Dungeon Cards. Squire! is a dungeon card crawler game with roguelike elements set in medieval times, and features monsters from European mythologies.

Defeat small minions, collect weapons, health potions, and more to defeat enemies! Similar to Dungeon Cards, gameplay is done via cards on a board. Move your character by swiping on the screen. All levels feature an epic boss you must defeat! Each boss has their own attack cards and abilities. There are also opportunities presented where you can indirectly turn the tide of battle!

Eric Peterford, the Creative Director for the game, stated, “Adapting one-on-one boss battles to a mobile card game has a unique set of challenges to it that require creative solutions. The team has been having a blast brainstorming and testing different mechanics that help immerse the player into a grand, almost hopeless, battle for their lives, while at the same time staying true to a one finger input mobile game.  ”

The game features:

  • Several card types such as weapons, equipment and field cards
  • 6 epic bosses with specific attack cards and abilities
  • Custom 8 bit pixel graphics
  • Easy one hand controls
  • Fun single-player card battles

One of our goals with Squire! is to provide a variety of strategic choices for you to be able to combat enemies, along with avoiding or destroying obstacles in your path. We’re focusing on providing level variation by giving each boss their own unique abilities to provide a different feel for each battle. The game utilizes permadeath, so this will also be a bit challenging!

Check out some character concepts we have so far!