16 Nov 2020

The Commission 1920 Open Alpha

A new teaser trailer showcasing updates and improvements from the original Commission

302 Interactive is conducting an Open Alpha test the first week of December. The team recently shared a new teaser trailer on the game, which showcased some of the new updates and improvements. The team is calling for playtesters to get feedback on the game so far.

What’s New

302 Interactive shares a variety of new features and content they plan on showcasing in the remaster and Open Alpha. Players will be able to gather intel on opposing families by accessing an opponent’s inner circle. You can either assassinate them or recruit them into your family.

You can also assign titles to your caporegimes. Your caporegimes can become eligible for unique positions, such as Underboss or Consigliere. Each position provides benefits in the caporegime’s territory. Though other candidates may become jealous…

New rackets or “illegal activities,” have been added such as Counterfeit Goods and shady Butcher Shops. New traits are also available for units. For example, Paranoid units will gather more intel, while Loner units are more effective without a crew.

Unlocking journal entries, not seen in the closed Alpha, is planned to be showcased in the Open Alpha as well. Feedback and suggestions from the Alpha along with updates to the Family Tree panel, and financial conveyance are also planned for the Open Alpha.

Open Alpha Details

The Open Alpha will start the first week of December and span over two weeks in the game’s discord. 

Zachary Goodless, lead developer says,  “We’re excited to share our work with a larger audience, and to get suggestions from the community. Since the launch of our previous game, we’ve been looking for ways to create a better, more strategic experience. We’ve rebuilt every system from the ground up to better address player feedback. If you’re a fan of grand strategy games, or simply appreciate the rich history of the prohibition era, please check this game out!”

Two-Thirty AM will be publishing the game on steam early 2021.


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