23 Jun 2021

The Commission 1920 New Update

Since releasing our mafia-inspired strategy game The Commission 1920 in February, we’ve been fascinated by the amount of love it’s gotten! But we’ve decided we can’t just stop there. So, we decided to get to work.

After much waiting, the 302 Interactive team has reworked a lot of the things that players have wanted to see since the beginning when our game was released. The result is a new update to The Commission 1920, including many of the things that players are expecting from the game. The update launches Friday, June 25.

Here’s a quick summary of what we’ve done:

  • We’ve decided to rework the random events game system.
  • Players can now customize their own mafia families.
  • We’ve patched up a few details to create a more cohesive gaming experience.

Random Events Game

Our random events game is better than ever before! 

Before the update, random event games would appear before a campaign, refusing to leave unless the player completed them. Thankfully, we changed that. 

With the update, players can find events on the report panel, making them easier to quickly access and even easier to complete at a player’s leisure.

Players can also now participate in multiple events simultaneously. This even includes our new long-term events! These long-term events give players a chance to complete their campaigns while still making sure the expansion of your mafia empire is going smoothly. 

Custom Campaigns

We’re rolling out a custom family feature! This was highly requested by our players from the very beginning, and it allows players the chance to insert themselves into New Shore!

Players can now customize their own families by selecting from a variety of new family emblems, colors and traits. Also featured in this update is the ability to create your own Don and family name. 

To use this feature, select “Custom Campaign” from the main menu to partake in a one-of-a-kind Don family. 

Other New Changes

Our update reworks small details that lead to a more cohesive gaming experience.

Here are a few fixes:

  • Players can now see what areas were affected by the assassination of a Soldato or Capo.
  • Players will be able to see what areas became vacant resulting from any game assassinations.

The Commission is 302’s love letter to the classic mafia genre and all the games preceding it. It encompasses everything we love from the genre with a unique take. We’re focused on making it the best version it can be, and our players help us execute that vision. 

Check out our The Commission 1920 Steam page! We hope you enjoy the new update!

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