What if the art hanging on your wall, or your favorite T-Shirt was more than meets the eye?

What if the brands that you love could tell you more of a story, inform you, offer untapped discounts or exclusives? The answer to these questions are one and the same, XR.

302 Interactive’s extensive experience with XR hardware and proprietary development techniques bring apps like Electrifly to life.

Working with the Electrifly Collective, 302 Interactive developed an app centered around augmented reality goods. The app showcases pins, patches, murals, stickers, and more in augmented reality. Using the power of the Unity engine, our team designed and developed this app from the ground up.

Making Ordinary Art, Extraordinary!


Check Out The App in Action Below!

Multi View

Create an amazing animated graphic from your favorite art piece with different variations for each view.

Quick & Easy

Creating a work of art on your favorite piece just got easier! We’ve developed a seamless pipeline to bring your pieces to life fast.

Augmented Reality

Experience Augmented Reality at the max with our amazing app that lets you view your favorite art pieces in mind-blowing animated detail!

Game On!

Take customization to a whole other level and see which one of you and your friends can make the best AR Graphic from one piece!

Dynamically Updated

Assets are dynamically updated within the app, without having to do a full update from the App Store or Google Play!


Choose your favorite stickers, pins, patches, murals, and more to come to life in AR!

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