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24 Jul 2020

Traits & Titles for Aspiring Dons

When you're expanding your criminal enterprise, it's important to get the right guys for the job. Each of your units has a trait, which can provide a variety of effects. For instance, a soldato with the "Cheat" trait will provide 25% additional profit for gambling rackets in their assignment... at t...
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23 Jul 2020

Meet the Family: Jacopo Junio

The Junio family is a boisterous family that is largely comprised of immigrants from the old country who settled in 1890s Fordham. They specialize in low-end rackets that don’t take much time or investment. They seem to find profits in places other families would deem a waste of time. They are the...
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02 Jun 2020

Meet the Family: Benny Bogiana

The Bogiana Family prides itself on running as an actual business. You could say the family is loaded. They’ve established deep ties with the politicians of New Shore, and specialize in high-end rackets like Casinos, loan sharking, and protection....
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