302 Interactive is a Digital User Experience Lab with the mission to bridge cutting-edge technology and the human experience. Our studio was founded originally in 2014 by Kyle Morrand as 302 Studios.

302 was born out of a love for games and game development. As we started to grow and take on more client-based projects we evolved into 302 Interactive. Now, we explore how emerging technologies can be used to create interactive experiences in real-world applications.


Team Work

Nothing gets accomplished solely by one person. To get the job done, we work together to make sure everything is flawless.

In House Development

All of our content is built in-house, right here in Orlando. We live, breathe, and work in one of the biggest technology hub spots.

Innovative Thinkers

The 302 Team is made up of gamers, engineers, designers, and driven individuals. We strive to be the best and work hard doing so.

in the heart of the city

302 Interactive is based in one of the world’s largest and quickest growing technology hubs. Taking great pride in where we are from, our expertise and scaleability are quick, efficient and accurate.

Development & Planning

We can assist you through the full product development cycle which starts from analysis and requirements gathering and continues to design, implementation, testing, deployment and maintenance.


Compliant with modern agile quality management standards, we focus on quality throughout the development process. Our teams apply defect prevention practices throughout the project life cycle to minimize re-work and shorten time to market. We prioritize process and quality to deliver the best possible product every single time.


We pride ourselves on seamless deployment and delivery.