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Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality is a fully immersive digital environment in which users can interact in. VR stimulates sensory experiences that allow users to feel and see within the digital world. 

Augmented reality blends digital elements on top of the real world to create a hybrid experience. With the rise of technology, VR and AR content has been growing in multiple disciplines ranging from gaming to marketing.

Interested in creating a unique, interactive experience or game? 


Services we offer

VR/AR experiences

  • Game Design

  • Business & enterprise solutions

  • Learning and training

  • Marketing & product visualization

  • 360 Video Capture

    • Recording and implementation

Research and Development

Research and development (R&D) is a investigative process of development to improve existing products and processes. 

We work with clients one-on-one taking ideas and prototyping them to create final products. 

Have an idea but don’t have the resources to make it a reality?

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Services we offer


Full development cycle

Innovative technical solutions

game Development

Game development is hard to do on your own, it takes a large variety of skill sets and extensive experience to develop high quality, fun games. 302 Interactive has created games on a variety of platforms and applications for desktop and mobile game development.

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Services we offer

Game Design

Sound Design

UI/UX Design

Full-Cycle Game Development

2D and 3D Assets

Cross-Platform Game Development