Powered by ATL

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With SASS Brands we high stepped, juked, and spin-moved into the future.

Our friends at SASS saw an opportunity to help their city innovate and participated in ATLThinks!, a marketing and design innovation competition to create the airport of the future. The challenge, create an an experience where consumers could participate in renewable and regenerative energy capture in a way that they may not expect.


SASS Brands pitched Powered by ATL, an interactive experience where travelers can walk up to kiosk-like areas and play games on top of piezoelectric tiles* to generate energy that the Atlanta Airport could actually use! We developed an experience that could engage audiences, get them moving and create energy in a sustainable and FUN way. Using an Xbox Kinect camera, 302 Interactive developed the demo of the game software, which invited passengers to insert themselves into a football practice situation with the objective to avoid oncoming football sleds. Taking first place at the ATLThinks! Competition our software installation will be ready for Super Bowl 53 this year, for the thousands of visitors to enjoy.

*Piezoelectric tiles gives the ability to generate an electric charge in response to applied mechanical stress.